Willow Cottage deposit and cancellation policy


A 20% deposit will be taken upon a direct booking with Willow Cottage in the year of stay. If the booking is at least six months in advance for the following year the deposit will be required by January 1st of the new year.

At six weeks before stay, a reminder will be sent for the remaining monies which must be paid promptly to ensure reservation. If monies are not received at least three weeks before commencement of stay, the reservation is considered null and void.

Any cancellation by the tenants prior to the six weeks date will see 100% of the deposit refunded. Any cancellation by the tenants prior to the three weeks date will see the forfeit of the deposit but any remaining monies paid will be refunded in full. Any cancellation inside the three-week (21 days) date will see all monies including deposits forfeited. Any reservation that is considered null and void due to non-payment of remaining monies will see the deposit forfeited.

We urge everyone to check and consider their holiday insurance policies for all vacations including to Willow Cottage.

Any cancellation by Willow Cottage will see full refunds of all monies at any time.